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Fullstack Software Developer Challenge

Challenge: Create a working, react app with Node.js backend.

DUE DATE: June 17 , 11PM Nigerian time


  • Install the latest version of Node.js (and npm) on your computer.


  • Create a very basic backend using the Express framework. This might be helpful: Render HTML file in ExpressJS
  • It should respond to two different routes:
    • GET /data: returns a list of transactions with each transaction containing
      • tnx_id
      • description
      • user
      • date
    • GET /data/:tnx_id: Takes an ID param/query and returns the transaction for the ID
  • The data is being pulled from your express API. Data can be stored in a Mongo DB or any other DB or dummy data


  • Create a simple react App with Create React App or others with two pages
    • to display a list of all the transactions: This page fetches transactions from the API by calling GET /data and displays it
    • to display details of a single data point. You get to the page by clicking the transaction item on a list/card item on the homepage: This page calls GET /data/:id and displays the details of that transaction in a nice format
  • Do not worry about making your app pretty
  • You are encouraged to add unit tests


  • You must use Git and GitHub. And submit the repo as part of your submission
  • Please send us a link to your GitHub page where we can review your code.
  • Add README so we can understand and start and test the project

Bonus points

For bonus points,

  • Set it up on Heroku, Netlify or Amazon EC2/Elastic Beanstack so we can preview the working version of your code. Here is a nice guide to getting started with Node.js on Heroku.
  • Use material UI because that is what we use
  • Use GraphQL instead of REST
  • Use MongoDB for the data
  • Add tests
  • Build the same app with React Native.


Submission Link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5ZX1OVgepx1qvIwoLUUpy9GmYOjrPu-dT5S4l233dp6JFSw/viewform?usp=sf_link

DUE DATE: June 17 ,11PM Nigerian time