AfricaHacks Portfolio companies


Ardu-iot is a smart home and energy backup company that offers electricity as a service as well as the ability to monitor and control the home from a smartphone.


LearnBot is a company that develops Softwares that improves the way people learn and remember the things they learn.


TrackAm is a citizen-safety company in Lagos that is building an AI technology platform to help individuals ensure the safety of each other.


Surepsyches is a software solution that bridges the gap in mental health awareness, and going a step forward to provide needed care and therapy  to the mentally ill.


Codemade is a Naijahacks Inspired Group that is committed to making the educational sector a better place.


AgroAi developed an application that uses artificial intelligence in the field of agriculture to improve farmers revenue and the condition of their farm produce, in relation to plant and livestock produce

Powerjamb is a company that creates an experience that helps pre-college kids get admission to higher institutions, by offering competitive mock exams, personalized feedback, and intelligent recommendations


Clark tech is a company that aims to bring innovative technology to its societies as well as solve national and global problems with technology.


Nigeria Corpers Apartment is an upcoming Nigeria Tech Innovation firm in Housing with education in mind.


Wedeydo want to make a kickstarter for Africa.


Acevote is an autonomous and decentralized voting application that runs on blockchain which provides a secured voting platform.

Affordable homeowners

Affordable Homowners concept evolved from the pains of paying huge renting fees yearly to landlords and after several years tenants still get kicked out of the apartments .


Fabraservices is a company that uses a web and mobile application to link delivery service providers to millions of their customers in a quick, professional, convenient and cost competitive manner.


NextHandle Is an online platform that enables our customers (nexthandlers) to unlock the best price for their premium used mobile phones fast and easily.


Bridge is a company that connect people who need help with running physical and remote tasks.


CampusHub Company is a new company that provides expertise in the following areas such as Ineffective communication among students, lecturers, and staff in tertiary institutions.


Properton is a company that provides the platform for everyone to own a home and have a property investment regardless of their status quo

Our Partners

The AfricaHacks Incubation program develops African Tech companies with support from our sponsors and partners from around the world. Our partners support our Portfolio companies by providing tools, services, products, infrastructure and sometimes funding for the teams to build a company from their Hackathon idea.