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We support tech competitions across Africa and the rest of the world in partnership with Sponsors and Judges from around the world. Our goal is to find bright ideas and teams with smart African tech talent to help create the next big tech Startup.

Over the year, our Hackathon process has been used by Hackathons across the globe and resulted in the creation of Award-winning Startups like TrackAm AI, MySureBuddy and others.

If you are looking to host an Inclusion or impactful Hackathon, AfricaHacks is the only group that has you covered from pre-hackathon to post-hackathon Startup creation. Reach out to us!

AfricaHacks 2020

Virtual, Worldwide

ETHLagos 2020

Lagos, Nigeria

BothoHacks 2020

Gaborone, Botswana

NaijaHacks 2019

Lagos, Nigeria

NaijaHacks 2018

Lagos, Nigeria