Campus Ambassadors

 A secure network of tech enthusiasts and developers, designers, product managers and other people in tech.


At AfricaHacks, we’re working to build an inclusive company with a value-driven culture. That’s an easy thing to want and say, but it’s difficult to practice because of how rigid the economy is to the adaptation of something new and even to Tech.

As we started growing our team this year, we looked to create a community of tech evangelists on campuses across Nigeria but switched to a starter-kit for online activation following the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of great work is being done to discuss problems and their solutions in Africa, so it’s inherent to build a community of evangelists with a lot of different voices and methods around the web to help spread the message.

We wanted to put what we’ve learned about being in different communities into practice by selecting the best and most independent teams.

“Our mission is to empower everyone to own their tech identity. We build a secure network of tech enthusiasts and developers allowing users to understand the tech movement in africa while giving them an opportunity to build their own startup and tech based company”

Our core values guide our strategies and individual actions so that we create a platform to build multiple solution driven companies using tech whose character is as radical as our tough business environment.