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How to get Hackathon sponsors

Although we raised more than $16,000 in prizes for NaijaHacks 2018 — Nigeria’s biggest Tech Invention Competition, we had almost canceled the Hackathon because we failed when we first worked on getting Hackathon sponsors. In our first attempt, we raised $0. Nothing. Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash… Read More »How to get Hackathon sponsors

Unveiling NaijaHacks: Nigeria’s Official Hackathon

Lagos, Nigeria, 1 October 2018 — Today sees the official annoucement for unveiling NaijaHacks, a tech invention competition that was started to inspire a generation of Nigerian innovators to use technology to create solutions for their communities using technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and many more. NaijaHacks… Read More »Unveiling NaijaHacks: Nigeria’s Official Hackathon