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Uchi Uchibeke - African Tech Champion and AfricaHacks Founder

Our Story

AfricaHacks exist to make opportunities available to all young Africans so that they can build African tech companies or get tech jobs at the world’s best companies.

Started as NaijaHacks, the brainchild of Uchi Uchibeke, a Nigerian-Canadian Engineer with both SecureKey and Auth0, AfricaHacks makes opportunities available to African youth to start tech companies or get good tech jobs. Uchi started Naijahacks because of the impact that participating and winning Hackathons at Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Waterloo, and many more had on him and his career. He wanted to bring a similar experience to young people in Nigeria to enable them to build solutions that make themselves, their families, and the world better. 

Today, AfricaHacks organizes and support Hackathons across all African countries and partners with African tech companies and others around the world to incubate new African tech companies.

Why we are different

AfricaHacks is not just a hackathon. For most of our AfricaHacks member events, the #AfricaHacks experiences starts online and continues in a demo day and award ceremony.

Unlike other Hackathons, we follow up, match participants to companies and mentor and fund the projects that come out of AfricaHacks Member Events.

We are proud of the Incubator program which will create hundreds of African Tech companies in the coming years!

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We get down to work and build solutions that make a difference for Africa.


We carry others along in our journey and transfer our skills to future generations.


We build for the long term and thrive on change to make Africa better.

Uchi Uchibeke, AfricaHacks Founder, Speaking at NaijaHacks 2019

Uchi Uchibeke


Blessing Thomas, AfricaHacks Co-Chair, Speaking at NaijaHacks 2019

Blessing Thomas

Co-Chair & Executive Director