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Announcing Winners of NaijaHacks North 2021

NaijaHacks North Demo Day was held on the 3rd of May, 2021 after a week-long hackathon.

The hackathon saw numerous participants as over 130 people indicated interest.

Today, the judges- Muhammad Dawaki, Muhammad Nasir, Ismail Bello and Uchi Uchibeke- sat around a virtual table and used sustainability, practicability, and a number of other criteria to choose their winners.

Participants submitted for three categories:

  • Citizen Safety
  • Women
  • Security

All categories were focused on implementing and transforming the Northern parts of Nigeria problems into digital solutions and sustainable development.

Available Perks and Benefits Included:

  • Tailored training program
  • Mentorship from tech, business, and community leaders
  • Access to tools and products ranging from cloud, marketing, sales, operations, and other tools needed to run an early-stage business.
  • Promotion and marketing support
  • Airtime/Data support for teams
  • A domain name for all teams
  • Daily Twitter Giveaway to win cash, crypto, and more via Chimoney
  • Cloud Credit
  • Marketing credit
  • Analytics and sales platform credit
  • Storage and database credit

Teams that made it to the Demo Day

– Christian Initiative For Nation Building

– Hawk Eye


– Team classy curtain by Teamder

– CashFog

– Demish Michabi


– SaveNorth

The Winner:SaveNorth

To fact check security news and save other people who might fall into danger in regions with high rates of danger and insurgency, SaveNorth created a platform that will improve safety. 

They are offering solutions that involve security operatives, neighborhood watch, technology and distress alert to tackle the problem of security in Nigeria.

Winners get:

  • International Exposure: Access to event partners networks and platforms in the domestic and international spaces.
  • Competition Prize: A ₦100,000.00 cash prize to be used towards the solution realization process.
  • Mentoring and Networking Support: Mentoring from the partnering organizations.
  • Integration to Related Organisations:  Recommendation to relevant existing/participating firms for integration or join an Incubation program.
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