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Entrepreneur of the Week Spotlight: Nwosu Chidinma Mary

AfricaHacks Startup Sandbox Program is a 10-week incubation that brings together people with ideas and projects to fine-tune them into successful startups inside the AfricaHacks innovation platform. The Startup Sandbox Program (SSP) goal is to have thriving entrepreneurs benefit from our products and services at no cost. The program will provide mentorship, an e-learning platform, partners resources, which will help transform these projects providing solutions to problems into profitable startups that will improve communities and create a lasting impact.

Everyweek, we’ll be spotlighting participants of the Startup Sandbox Program where they’ll be sharing information about their Startups.

This week: Nwosu Chidinma Mary

Name: Nwosu Chidinma Mary

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Age: 32

Name of the Start-up: Valuable World (Women Advocacy Healthy Initiative )

What is your company about? Our group, Women Advocacy  Healthy Initiative (WAHI), conducts home visits to know the basic health care needs of pregnant and nursing mothers living in the rural communities in Abuja. We render a voluntary and charitable services in order to promote health for all rural communities. We conduct home visits to ascertain the number of causalities during childbearing and make records, enable our website and mobile app for doctors to access to rural patient’s vital information in order to treat them properly and to build health facilities and carry out rural health outreach.

What problem is your startup solving? My startup is solving the problem of access to basic health care needs in the rural communities, the lack of good health care reporting system in the rural communities, and low life expectancy & high infant mortality rate among the rural people.

Since we all know that the development of any rural community is a positive indicator for the development of a nation. The problem we identified in the health Sector in Nigeria particularly here in Abuja has been the neglect of the health of the rural communities especially among the pregnant and nursing mothers and the consequences of these neglect has resulted to rural communities lacking access to basic needs like health care and other amenities leading to low life expectancy and high infant mortality.

How many teams member do you have? Name them if possible: We have six (6) team members. Nwosu Chidinma Mary, Uket Pat, Tsero Sero, Ndukwe Emmanuel Cummins,  Mbah Onyekachi Emmanuel ,Charity Paul

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? I decided to become an entrepreneur because I want to have the chance to change the world and that of people’s lives by providing solutions to the rural people.

Why did you join AfricaHacks Startup Sandbox Program? I joined the AfricaHacks Start-up Sandbox Program because I want to speedily transform my aim of making health for all rural people which has been my project before now into a progressive and successful start up .

What advice can you give to an African youth interested in launching a startup, business, or project? My advice would be that they should know and understand the reasons for launching into the business or project and consistently put more effort in order to accomplish the purpose or aim of it.