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Entrepreneur of the Week Spotlight: Oluwaseyi Whyte Akinlolu

AfricaHacks Startup Sandbox Program is a 10-week incubation that brings together people with ideas and projects to fine-tune them into successful startups inside the AfricaHacks innovation platform. The Startup Sandbox Program (SSP) goal is to have thriving entrepreneurs benefit from our products and services at no cost. The program will provide mentorship, an e-learning platform, partners resources, which will help transform these projects providing solutions to problems into profitable startups that will improve communities and create a lasting impact.

Everyweek, we’ll be spotlighting participants of the Startup Sandbox Program where they’ll be sharing information about their Startups.

This week: Oluwaseyi Whyte Akinlolu

Name: Oluwaseyi Whyte Akinlolu

Location: Akure, Nigeria

Age: 31

Name of the Start-up: Xcrow me

What is your company about? Cross-border remittance and peer to peer bitcoin trading

What problem is your startup solving? The problem of fraudulent transactions and financial exclusion

How many teams member do you have? Name them if possible: A team of 6. Oluwaseyi Whyte Akinlolu, Netrobe Ayanwola, Adewumi Oluwatosin, Femi Adejare Gift Oscar, and Toheeb Fasasi

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Because I was swindled while trying to perform a cross-border transaction. Then, I decided to solve the problem with the solution myself.

Why did you join AfricaHacks Startup Sandbox Program? To increase my knowledge of startup building.

What advice can you give to an African youth interested in launching a startup, business, or project? Africa has many challenges, and African youths should start picking which of the problems affects African citizens the most and proffer real solutions to these problems. By this, we can have valuable startups, businesses, or projects.