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AfricaHacks Set to Transform Hackathon Projects into Startups with Support from Various Tech Leaders

Transforming an idea or a project into a successful startup requires a large capital, lots of efforts, mentorship and guidance. All of these are not usually available for free and therefore makes the process somewhat tedious for starters. To resolve this challenge,AfricaHacks recently launched the Startup Sandbox Program (SSP) to provide cost-free resources to anyone looking to launch a successful Startup..

To continue to promote its values, the organization invites members of the general public to join their 2021 Startup Sandbox Program. The Startup Sandbox Program, which is scheduled to kick off on the 27th of February 2021, is open to entrepreneurs, innovators, programmers and participants of AfricaHacks 2020 hackathons who worked on exciting projects. It is an opportunity for youths of all ages, races, and tribes within Africa to build on their existing projects and transform them into a startup in ten weeks.

Irrespective of the sector, the Startup Sandbox Program will help teams accepted into the program get the support that will enable them to launch a Startup without spending any money on resources. The program will make available business skills, tech skills, tools, mentorship, connection, facilities, and platforms to make the transformation easier.

During the program, participants will have the opportunity to learn and build an entrepreneur mindset, learn lean startup methodology, product design and development, revenue model and generation and pitch to investors.   

AfricaHacks Co-Founder, Christine Dikongue, said the Startup Sandbox Program is ” an opportunity to democratize entrepreneurship education in Africa by providing future founders with fundamental and technical resources to transform their ideas into startup.

To realise its goals and make more resources available for participants, partnered with AWS, Twilio, MongoDB, Hubspot and Chimoney. All of whom will be providing different resources and support for participants from their end.

How to Apply

Registration for the program is free. All resources like the cloud credit, data storage, marketing credit, analytics and sales platform credit, storage, and database credit to be used during the program will also be made available. 

Interested participants can apply at  apply.africahacks.com for the Africa Startup Sandbox Program.

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