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2021: The year to platform

2020 was a very challenging year for everyone globally. The impact of the pandemic was immense for many of us. Still, it was encouraging to see our team’s resilience and the strength of our community members, their families, and our partners. And the support we received to continue to build products and programs for Africans and everyone to create value to improve their lives, their families, and the world at scale.

2020: The year of learning

We officially launched AfricaHacks in Q2 2020 and welcomed partners like Vonage, Grant for the Web, Linode Auth0, MongoDB, Notion, and more.

  1. Breakthroughs and accomplishments
    1. 15 Startups launched
    2. $21,000 in airtime and support disbursed
    3. 30,000 users and community members
    4. 35% of our users identify as women
    5. 20 countries covered
  2. Products and programs
    1. Start platform to enable users to curate their experience in a beautiful CV/Resume
    2. Innovation Lab and Startup incubation platform launched to power our Hackathons and community and corporate hackathons
    3. Tech Skills Masterclass series in partnership with STEMHub Foundation, we organized classes in topics like Blockcha, Web Design, Machine Learning, and more
    4. AfricaHacks Cares deployed during the pandemic and uprising to support our users and community with funds, airtime, and more
    5. #AfricaHacks2020 Global Innovation Competition became the most diverse African Hackathon
    6. Africa Pitch Day launched to welcome and support mature teams and Startups

2021: The year to Platform

🚀 1. A Platform for all

For 2021 and beyond, we will provide a home for other communities to host events, communicate, collaborate, have fun, host innovation challenges like Hackathons, run Incubation programs, and more.

🚀 2. Community-led and Corporate Hackathons

With the success of BothoHacks in Botswana and our Innovation Lab platform, our Platform will power Hackathons led by AfricaHacks Envoys and corporates globally. Reach out to if you’re planning a Hackathon

🚀 3. Scale with our purpose-built Platform

We have tested and learned from multiple approaches needed to support early-stage projects to become Startups. Starting in 2021, teams will go from Idea to Hackathon to Startup to Pitch on our Platform.

🚀 4. Make room for mature Startups.

After launching the successful AfricaHacks Africa Pitch day, we will host more pitch days to welcome existing Startups and support them with grants, resources, and a community.

🚀 5. A fair and open web

Support projects that are building solutions to enable African creators to earn money online starting with Web Monetization. Promoting the Passion Economy, Creators over Influencers and Micropayments over ads.

🚀 6. Collaborate more

We want to invite more communities to work with us because, for us, AfricaHacks is the Platform where people create Startups that will hire people from the talent and education platforms.


We are shifting from a program-focused approach to a product and platform approach where our products and platforms power communities like AfricaHacks 0.2020. We will continue to prioritize our team, our users, and the organizations that run on our Platform. Also, we will grow revenue, promote diversity and continue to do good.

Want to launch a community or host an event or Hackathon? Reach out!

The AfricaHacks team inspires me daily, and together, we look forward to a greater 2021! 🚀🚀🚀

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