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Moving Past the Ideation Stage: How to Kickstart Your Start-Up

You’ve probably always had the notion to have a startup sometimes in the future, especially since you have located some loopholes you’ll like to fill and you have just the perfect idea how. The current clime which has startups cashing out big time is probably giving you sleepless nights too, as you look forward to when you’ll raise those funds or get bought out. News flash: Not anytime soon, because you don’t have a company! You have not even gone past the idea stage yet.

For years, you have held on to the idea of how a problem should be solved, and not worked on the new product everyone needs. But until when? 

Moving past the idea stage, and taking the initiation to start can be hard. But it is a necessary evil that must be indulged. Do you want to move past the ideation stage? Let’s talk about 3 ways you can kickstart your start-up.

WARNING. I do not own a start-up, but I have taken the time to gather insights from startup founders.

Get The Team

Collaborate with friends who have the knowledge or experience you need. Call them up and ask if they’ll be interested in joining your team. Discuss your idea, and understand if they say ‘No’. Your team will go a long way to influence your company, your drive, and, a lot of other outcomes. Your team has to be committed and ready to go the extra mile with you.

In Techpoint Founder, Adewale Yusuf’s words:

With a team, you can take action and decide if you are starting with hiring or you are doing the basics yourself. 

Try Hackathons

Hackathons are known to be the perfect opportunity to try out an idea and even pitch it. You can build a team, work on your idea, and pitch within a few days. Judges ask questions you expect, and the ones you don’t. They look at your product from an audience’s POV, find the loopholes, and give you reasons to go back to the board and restrategize. Some hackathon founders go the length of adopting winning entries and unique ones to join the organization and launch their start-up.

You can join the 2020 NaijaHacks Hackathon or the 2020 AfricaHacks Hackathon for a chance to win N1,000,000, laptops, and other perks to support your idea. With AfricaHack’s team-der feature, you can as well find team members for your startup.

Uchi Uchibeke, Founder of AfricaHacks says the event aims to “enables rapid Startup creation by providing tools for team formation, user-centered product development, and peer and mentor feedback. The AfricaHacks Global Hackathon is the first time that Africa will meet the world in the cloud to learn, innovate, and launch startups.”

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Get all the experience you can

Understand that you need to have the experiences that put you in a good position. Having experience in the tech industry, particularly your niche is an edge that will help you in your business. Hiring a consultant or ensuring a team member is experienced are options you can as well consider.

Check this out:

Paystack’s Founder

How did Paystack get started – what’s your story?

Well, before we started, we’d done some work for banks. I was working on Precurio before Paystack, while Ezra was with Jobberman and then Delivery Science. But at some point, we realized we could do more. This is very technical information but I realized one day that I could charge a card from my system directly without even redirecting to Interswitch or any of those payment gateways. So I called Ezra and told him to come have a look.

I called a team of people and then realized there was scope, and if we can charge a card directly then we could solve all these other payment processes around it. That’s how the name Paystack came about – it’s a stack of tools to help merchants accept payments.

AppsTech Founder

After finishing her education, Enonchong went on to work for a number of organizations including Inter-American Development Bank (IaDB) and Oracle Corporation. In 1999, Enonchong founded the company AppsTech, a Bethesda, Maryland-based global provider of enterprise application solutions. 

Start Now! Enter a hackathon, get a team, and start working. Take the steps to kick-start your start-up.

Looking forward to enjoying your products and services soon.

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