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The Future of Africa Will be Driven by Youth, Innovation and Technology

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Case closed! Youth will drive Africa’s future with Innovation & Technology

The StudentBuild Summit is a 3-day summit for African Students from different Institutions and sectors across Africa. It is a virtual summit that stands to promote human capital development for students who are inspired to build the future of Africa. 

For the 2020 edition of this Summit, learned individuals from across the world took out time to dissect, explain, and answer questions on various topics of great importance and influence to African Youths.

Amidst the people who featured on the platform were Dr. Adeola D. Olubamiji (Canada/Nigeria), Prof. Ndubuisi, Hellinna Ayalew(Ethiopia), John Appiah (Ghana) amidst many other professionals in fields which influence the world.

DAY 1 (23rd July, 2020)

On the first day of the 2020 StudentBuild Summit, Prof. Ndubuisi gave the first Keynote Speech on  the topic “Building  the Future of Africa: Your Role”. In his talk, the Professor mentioned how important it is to stop corruption before it happened. He also encouraged youths to do more as they have a path and a part to play in determining the Continent’s future.

Professionals like Hilda Kraga, Sean Burrowes, and Chinemelu Ezeh were also featured on the first day.     

DAY 2 (24th July, 2020)


To help StudentBuild Africa’s vision and support young Africans practicing in various fields, AfricaHacks partnered with the organization. As a result, AfricaHacks was featured on the second day of the Summit.

Represented by the founders, Uchi Uchibeke and Christine Dikongué, the goals, objectives, and working process of AfricaHacks was discussed. Participants were introduced to AfricaHacks and encouraged to sign up for our Startup creation program and more opportunities to come. 

An opportunity for us to feature in our Startup circle session, ten selected startups supported by AfricaHacks through the Startup Creation Program. Each of the startups, among which are TrackAm, Campus Hub, Properton, Kodar Tech, Bridge, Netsor, TeachToolz, and Acevote, had the opportunity to discuss their startup aims and the problems they have been solving.

While the presentations were going on, Victory Joseph, one of the Summit’s participants on YouTube, mentioned how much he likes PowerJamb, one of the startups. 

When introduced to Agro.AI, another of the startups, Emmanuel Igbeka,  also a participant, said, ‘This is an exceptional software. I’m sure farmers in Africa will benefit from it.’

Afterwards, other sessions followed. 

DAY 3 (25th July, 2020)

For the third day of the Summit, AfricaHacks founder, Uchi Uchebeke gave a keynote speech on Blockchain and Digital Identity for the Future of Africa. During his session, he mentioned how digital identity in Africa suffers from the impact of outdated infrastructure and services, and therefore results in loss of taxes, slow and frustrating banking and citizen-government experience.

At the end of his session, Uchi called for a revolution, while further emphasising that  blockchain is key. He also recommended Bio-Block ID, a new proposal for ID for Africa that he designed.

A frequent deduction from many of the keynote speakers is how much youth, innovation, and technology will change Africa.

AfricaHacks, an organization focused on making opportunities available to African youths to start tech companies or get good tech jobs, is a proud sponsor of the 2020 StudentBuild Summit.

To participate in the organisation’s next start-up creation Program, Sign Up Here.

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