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AgroAI is using A.I to improve Agriculture in Africa

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the world population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050, and to feed that number of people, global food production will need to grow by 70%. For Africa, which is projected to be home to about 2 billion people by then, farm productivity must accelerate at a faster rate than the global average to avoid continued mass hunger.

Drones, marketplaces, IoT and sensors, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence… After having radically transformed our everyday lives, all these technological trends are now changing one of the most crucial aspects of our existence: the way our food is produced.

In Nigeria, agriculture was once considered a vocation for the poor and uneducated. But perceptions of farming are changing as more people venture into it as a livelihood; around two-thirds of the labor force is now engaged in the sector, contributing to 37 percent of GDP.

Nigeria’s population of around 200 million translates to high demand for farm produce, and entrepreneurs, corporations, and governments are working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 2 to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.

What Is AgroAI and how are they using A.I to improve Agriculture in Africa as well as Food Availability in Nigeria?

AgroA.I is an agricultural tech start-up. AgroAi is a company that is solving plant pest and diseases, helping Nigerian farmers to save over $1 billion USD worth of agricultural produce that previously ended up wasted. The aim of AgroAI is to optimize the agricultural process, by enabling viable conditions are met and sustained for viable products.

AgroAI started as a hackathon project at the 2019 NaijaHacks hackathon and they got into the AfricaHacks incubation program.

Members of AgroAI

Akinsola Adefolahan, CEO of Agro A.I is many things: a programmer, an innovator, and an entrepreneur with great love and passion for the food industry. It’s that very passion that drove him to bridge the disconnect between evolving technology and the typical Nigerian farmer. 

Akinsola Adefolahan met the cofounders of AgroAI while he was in school. He would work with Bilaal Salman and Banjoko John through many projects, including the NaijaHacks Hackaton.

Technological Framework

AgroAI has created an application that uses artificial intelligence in the field of agriculture to improve farmers’ revenue and the condition of their farm produce, in relation to plant and livestock produce.

The Future of AgroAI

AGRO A.I. is an application that revolutionizes agriculture as we know it. AGRO A.I. acts as a farm’s mobile assistant, helping you without having to rely on an internet connection or additional equipment.

Thus, by bridging the gap between agriculture and technological innovations, this app reduces yield loss. Such a service will bring a significant increase in terms of crop and revenue generation, with features such as plant, pest, and disease detection.

With the world’s population is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, the members of AgroAI believes that if Nigeria and Africa, in general, does not curb agricultural losses there will be a lot more people without food. Therefore, they are creating a solution to this problem before it cannot be handled.

Contact Information

You can reach out on their website

Edited by: Uchi Uchibeke, Founder, AfricaHacks

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