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MyCareBuddy wins the Spread Innovation challenge of Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative (QICSI)

AfricaHacks is pleased to announce that MyCareBuddy, a Nigerian Startup Company from the AfricaHacks Incubation program has been accepted into the Spread Innovation challenge stream of Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative (QICSI) organized by the Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

This win came with the need for enlightenment and bringing about discussions regarding mental health and mental health awareness in our communities.

This is the first of its kind since MyCareBuddy is only 6 months old and part of the few companies/Startups that started at Africa’s biggest Hackathon, Naijahacks in December 2019.

The SpreadInnovation challenge stream of QICSI’s main objective is to help students and community members turn their idea, technology, or inspiration into a solution that addresses the various challenges related to COVID-19.  Some of the major benefits startups like MyCareBuddy will be benefitting include receiving up to a $5000 stipend, 100+ days of free online training, mentorship, and support from the Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative (QICSI) program, along with funding milestones to implement the Startups solution.

About MyCareBuddy:
Surpsyches is a platform where individuals can have virtual therapy sessions with psychological experts. MyCareBuddy provide mental health care online where individuals can make calls with trained mental health social workers who are very empathetic and proffer relevant counseling to people at their down moments, and if necessary refer them to a psychological expert.

MyCareBuddy started as a hackathon project at the 2019 NaijaHacks hackathon and they got into the AfricaHacks incubation program. The founder of MyCareBuddy, Miss Ebere Okonkwo paired up with Temitope Odude to proffer a solution to the covid-19 situation in the spread innovation challenge: MyCareBuddy A potential platform that will provide readily accessible individual counseling or psychological therapy.

“After we made our application, there was about two weeks break before we got the invitation to a zoom interview with specific members of the DDQIC team. With intense preparation, mentoring, advice, we were able to scale through the interview phase into the program.” – Miss Ebere Okonkwo (Surspyches Founder)

The members of MyCareBuddy hope to get the very best of the program, and by the end of the 3 months, they hope to have moved their company MyCareBuddy to a very vantage position in the society.

MyCareBuddy is one out of the 15 companies presently undergoing the AfricaHacks Incubation Programme. AfricaHacks incubation program is the first incubation program of its kind in Africa, it is for Africans by Africans.

For more information about AfricaHacks and the AfricaHacks Incubation Program, please visit the AfricaHacks website.

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