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Mental health After COVID-19: How MySureBuddy can help

According to Mayo Clinic, Mental health disorders refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior. Examples of mental health conditions include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors.

The World Health Organization declared in 2016 that Nigeria’s suicide rate was the 15th highest in the world. Putting it into perspective, for every 100, 000 individuals, 9.5 will lose their life due to mental health conditions. This number is more than just a statistic. Above all, it’s a painful reality scourging the people of Nigeria. Mental health conditions can make an individual miserable and can cause problems in such an individual daily life, such as at school or work or in relationships.

The lives of those with mental health conditions are often plagued by stigma and discrimination.  Stigma is a negative stereotype, a reality for individuals with a mental health condition. Unfortunately, it’s a challenge that many people face when seeking help. Outside judgment is one of their greatest barriers preventing others from getting the professional support they need.

Mental health after COVID-19

What is MySureBuddy and what are its roles in providing Mental health After COVID-19 in Nigeria?

Surpsyches is a platform where individuals can have virtual therapy sessions with psychological experts. MySureBuddy provides Mental health after COVID-19 online where individuals can make calls with trained mental health social workers who are very empathetic and proffer relevant counseling to people at their own moments, and if necessary refer them to a psychological expert.

MySureBuddy started as a hackathon project at the 2019 NaijaHacks hackathon and they got into the AfricaHacks incubation program.

Members of MySureBuddy

Ebere met Okaneme Victor and Nwachukwu Sandra at Naijahacks 2019. They are now closer than ever to achieving their goal: Surepsyches A potential platform that will provide readily accessible individual counseling or psychological therapy.

Before starting MySureBuddy, the members realized three main problems:

  • The gaping lapse in mental health care, especially in Nigeria
  • More people are daily giving in to depression and other manifestations of mental health condition which has ultimately increased the rate of suicide.
  • Nigeria doesn’t have close to enough appropriation for the mental health sphere.

Surepsyches is aimed at remedying this situation by bringing the solution closer home to the people i.e an opportunity to get mental health care anytime with experts, without having to bother about the stigma that would have otherwise been attached to it if physical presence were to be a necessity.

Technological Framework for mental health conditions

Surepsyches is currently working on an application that provides readily-accessible counseling sessions for individuals living with varying degrees of depression, and access to a hotline to intervene in potential suicide cases.

The application aids surepsyches as a company to provide intensive psychological therapy to depressed individuals.

The Future of mental health care

In the area of sustainability, surepsyches strives to be an accessible, affordable service for anyone. Additionally, thanks to the option for trained experts and counselors to subscribe, it offers real professional support. This help can be used anytime – and anywhere! It ranges from therapy sessions or seminars to counseling and even live training, all with an option to engage through a confidential chat or call. Essentially, this averts the risk of the stigma associated with mental health vulnerabilities.

Moreso, the members of surepsyches believes that surepysches would remain relevant as long as the world continues to be, and people living in it. People would always require mental health care just as they would always require medical care and treatment for their physical ailment.

Contact Information

You can reach out to MySureBuddy via email and their website

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