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Bridge: An online marketplace for connecting skilled workers to employers

Online marketplace are digital platforms that essentially match independent, third-party providers of goods and services with customers.

Across Africa, Jumia, Uber, Souq, Thundafund, Travelstart, and a host of other online marketplaces are starting to boost incomes, create jobs, and offer new opportunities for workers. But in much of Africa, where the retail sector and formal labor markets remain underdeveloped, the potential downsides of the rapid expansion of online marketplaces are negligible—and the potential gains significant. 

What Is Bridge and How can its presence improve online marketing in Nigeria?

Bridge is an online marketplace for outsourcing physical and remote tasks. Outsourcing for physical tasks meaning the person doing the job needs to be present physically e.g an electrician, plumber, and outsourcing remote tasks meaning the person can complete the job without being physically present e.g a logo designer, freelance writer.

Bridge started as a hackathon project at the 2019 NaijaHacks hackathon and they got into the AfricaHacks incubation program.

Members of Bridge

The founders of bridge(online marketplace platform)

Damilare was once an aspiring software developer eager to learn and grow. Like many other students, he was a self-starter who learned programming on his own. He found opportunities working for various enterprises.

It was at a Meetup that he met Adebayo and Oluwatobi, who participated in the NaijaHacks Hackaton. They were among the top 12 winning teams in the competition. This was a great opportunity for them to connect. Since they both already succeeded in this event together, they decided to get on board in order to start a business.

Before starting Bridge, the members realized three main problems:

  • Firstly, there are no convenient ways to outsource physical tasks
  • Secondly, local small-scale businesses are not online e.g roadside electricians and plumbers
  • Lastly, price and trust are really important when outsourcing tasks

All these three are the main problems Bridge is tackling.

Technological Framework

Bridge has released an online marketplace (Web Application) that connects people who need help with running tasks to other people that can help run those tasks, be it physical tasks or remote work.

The web application is embedded with features that allow online marketers and the general public to choose from the suggestions of people you can request a quote from, people who show up in suggestions have probably done such tasks in the past and have good star ratings.

The Future of Bridge

A lot of people from the informal sector will be looking to embrace the online marketing platform to ensure that income is increased. The founders of bridge have the notion that bridge is sustainable because there will always be businesses and customers, and Bridge is bridging the gap between these two by connecting them in their small units in the big digital world.

Even during this period of the COVID 19 lockdown, Bridge has been taking advantage of the pandemic and offering citizens an alternative source of income.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Bridge via email and their website

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