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Property investment: The role of Properton in this sector

Housing is one of the fundamental human needs in addition to food and clothing. It is equally a significant indicator of a person’s standard of living, and sometimes also an indication of place or status in society. Investopedia defines property investment as ” a real estate property purchased with the intention of earning a return on the investment either through rental income, the future resale of the property, or both. ” It is, therefore, mandatory to say that property investment in Nigeria is a very vital sector.

However, in a country like Nigeria, access to land and affordable/habitable housing has for the most part been an unfulfilled dream to a displeasing large proportion of the middle and lower class population. A lot of people do not have the right and appropriate funds to afford a good house as a very vital need for human beings.

What is Properton?

Properton is a company that provides the platform for everyone to own a home and have a property investment regardless of their status quo. Properton was birthed in Nov. 2019 from the high rise in homelessness and poverty level in the economy.

Members of Properton

Properton at the moment has 6 employees (3 co-founders, 1 consultant, 1 backend and 1 frontend developer). Properton is founded by Isaac Obinna, Ismail Nurudeen and Odude Temitope. Here are some details about the founders of Properton:

Isaac Obinna (COO/ Co-Founder): Obinna is a staunch disciplined and organized personality. He is also a backend developer for Deep Syntax, Properton, and Devloop Nigeria. Obinna had defiled all odds to prove his strengths in ensuring all process flow in operations is done smoothly with none left unturned. He is aspiring to a Machine Learning developer.

Ismail Nurudeen (CTO/Co-Founder): His versatility in coding had made Ismail a force to reckon with in Google Developers Group (Benin). He had published various apps on play store and manages all projects executed in the organization. He is a backend developer and AR / ML enthusiast.

Odude Temitope (CEO/ Co-Founder): Temitope is a frontend developer and a UI/UX designer. He is also a principled and idea-generating individual. His spirit of solution providing makes him spin up concepts, solutions, and ideas like a web.

The Sustainability of Properton in solving peculiarities in the Housing and property investment sector

Properton saw the alarming rate of homelessness and poverty in the country. The company also noticed that the real estate companies are only concerned with the high-end income earners leaving no opportunity for the average and low-income earners. In addition to this, the company also found out in their research that most real estate developing companies do not give much facility management support. As Properton as a company endowed with seasoned individuals and deep thinkers who are not driven by money but results and solutions. The company is willing to provide solutions to Social Relationships, Job Availability, Investment, and Property ownership in the country.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Properton via email and their website

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