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How to organize a Hackathon in Africa

“We’ve got you covered” is a reassuring phrase that calms us down when we are stressed about a project or worried about how to plan a Hackathon in Africa. But as a Hackathon Organizer, is there one person or organization that you can genuinely say has you covered from planning, event, post-event, and others?

Today we need not only to organize a Hackathon but also to follow up and create a sustainable impact. The problem, however, is that there are so many tech events that happen once or repeatedly, but nothing comes out of them. People organize conferences around the world, raise money, bring speakers, and everything attends and leaves feeling good, but most times, that is the end of it. Sadly, it is even worse with tech competitions like Hackathons. Around the world, every weekend, Hackathons happen, and for most attendees, they attend the event, learn some new skills, network, and that’s about it.

After attending over 50+ Hackathons around the world and organizing a few like NaijaHacks 2019 and 2018, our Founder, Uchi Uchibeke, realized that the way Hackathons work, especially in Africa, must change. We also had many people reaching out to us after seeing the work with did with NaijaHacks 2018 and 2019. That is why we created the AfricaHacks Member Event Program. The Africans Member Event program is for Hackathon organizers wondering about organize a Hackathon in Africa.

We want to have the back of any Hackathon organizer in any country in Africa because we believe that now is the time to support African youth to get into tech and grow their tech skills so that they can create new tech companies and get good jobs are the best companies on earth or in mars. We believe that African youth are the next billion creators and that Africans, regardless of where they live, can work with global and forward-thinking partners to build the next trillion-dollar company. The creation of new African Tech companies and tech jobs is why we exist, and we are calling on Africans and supporters of Africa to join the movement and organize Hackathons and tech competitions around Africa.

AfricaHacks Member Event Badge
AfricaHacks Member Event Badge

How we support organizers to organize Hackathons in Africa

As a Hackathon organizer, we’ve got you covered in many ways. The first AfricaHacks Member Event Hackathon was BothoHacks. And with them, some examples of how we supported them included:

  • We sponsored a Prize
  • We provided you with a Hackathon playbook. Think of this as a plan that works well for Africa.
  • We will help transform top projects from the Hackathon into companies because, as mentioned above, we want to have more than just a Hackathon. We want to create something sustainable that we can look back to 5 years from now and be proud of it.
  • We offered Verifiable credentials to all participants
  • Planning templates and other resources
  • And others
Participants at BothoHacks, an AfricaHacks Member Event
Participants at BothoHacks, an AfricaHacks Member Event

How to get Support for AfricaHacks

Generally, when we back Hackathons, we look for the following:

  • Focus on helping African youth create tech companies or helping them get good tech jobs
  • Diversity with an emphasis on a 50:50 split between participants that identify as women and those that identify as men
  • Beginner friendliness with a requirement for creating a category or track for beginners and a Prize for a Beginner team backed by AfricaHacks
  • Acceptance of the AfricaHacks Code of Conduct and 
  • Others depending on the country and other details

So how do you organize a Hackathon in Africa? Hit us up at team at AfricaHacks.com and we will have your back from day one to day infinity!