Bothohacks: An Official AfricaHacks Member Event

Africahacks is excited to announce BothoHacks, an Official AfricaHacks Member Event. The work that BothoHacks does aligns with the goal and mission of AfricaHacks which is to create new African tech companies and tech jobs for African youth that is why we are excited to support theem. Through events like BothoHacks, AfricaHacks helps anyone in any part of Africa to organize Hackathon in African.

What is Bothohacks?

BothoHacks 2020 is Botswana’s first student-focused, student-organized computing hackathon sponsored by Botho University, Clemson University, and the US National Science Foundation. BothoHacks is a free nationwide hackathon for students happening in Gaborone, Botswana from March 16-17, 2020.

It will be a 2-day creative marathon where students come together in teams and use their skills to take on real-world technical challenges and projects. In a team of 2 to 4 students, you will come up with an idea, and over the course of the hackathon, work together to make it a reality. In the meantime, you’ll be competing for over P30,000 worth in prizes! The event will have workshops to help you develop marketable technical skills and provide experienced mentors to help your team succeed.

This year’s edition enables promises to the participant much more learning and great fun. The competition is for students who wish to be entrepreneurs and also want to learn new computing skills, develop new technologies, and help build tomorrow’s knowledge-based economy.

The Bothohacks Experience

With limited hackathons in Botswana, Bothohacks, an AfricaHacks Member Event, is one of the major platforms where an individual can come and learn, grow their skills as well as network with top professionals in the tech industry with a lot of prizes to be won. BothoHacks is:

  • FREE to attend – There’s no cost to come to BothoHacks! Just bring your team, your idea, and your laptop.
  • Offers many great Prizes – Over P30,000 in prizes will be awarded at BothoHacks!
  • Provides The AfricaHacks Certificate – All participants at BothoHacks will be able to download an AfricaHacks x BothoHacks Certificate of Achievement from!
  • Helps participants to gain Exposure – Show off your skills to local businesses and government officials!
  • Has Beginner and Advanced Categories – You’ll fit in and have a chance to compete regardless of your skill level
  • Connects winners to the AfricaHacks Incubator Program – Winners of the advanced categories will have a chance to join AfricaHacks’ business incubator which is a benefit offered to all official AfricaHacks Member Event

Are you excited about attending Bothohacks yet? Below are some useful tips and advice to make your stay in Bothohacks very efficient and convenient.

  • Teammates – To take part in BothoHacks, you’ll need a team of 2-4 students. No teams of 1 will be accepted.
  • An Idea – At BothoHacks, what you create is totally up to you. If you need help coming up with an idea, if you need further clarification you can check Bothohack’s FAQ.
  • Your Laptop – If you’re going to be coding, you’ll probably want something to do it on. Make sure to bring your charger too!
  • Travel Accommodations – Please make sure you have booked travel and a place to stay overnight.

Learn more about Bothohacks on their website and contact Bothohacks via email and twitter.

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